vBMC container image

This container builds a small image with kubectl and some other utilities for use in both the ironic checks and development.

Manual build

CentOS 7

Here are the instructions for building CentOS 7 vBMC image:

docker build -f ${IMAGE}/Dockerfile.${DISTRO} --network=host -t ${REGISTRY_URI}${IMAGE}:${VERSION}-${DISTRO}${EXTRA_TAG_INFO} ${extra_build_args} ${IMAGE}

Alternatively, this step can be performed by running the script directly:


openSUSE Leap 15

To build an openSUSE leap 15 image, you can export varibles before running the build script:

DISTRO=suse_15 ./vbmc/build.sh

Should you want to have a specific version of vbmc for a different openSUSE base image, you can use the extra arguments for the build process, for example:

DISTRO=suse_15 extra_build_args="--build-args PROJECT_REF=<SHA> --build-args FROM=<localimage>" ./vbmc/build.sh