Welcome to OpenStack-Helm-Images’s documentation!

This repository is in charge of the image building for openstack-helm repositories.

Please check the documentation of each section for the relevant build instructions.

By default, these images are built on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS node.

Setup a build node

Here are the instructions to setup a build node with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:

apt update
apt install -y docker.io git

Modifying the build with environment

Unless explicitly written, all the build.sh convenience scripts allow to pass arguments to the docker build process: The build.sh scripts have a environment variable (extra_build_args), which can be used to pass arbitrary data.

Next to the extra arguments, you can modify the build.sh behavior by setting the following environment variables:


VERSION is the expected tag version of the image, and defaults to latest

DISTRO is used if you want to build an image with a different Dockerfile, for example with another distribution. Dockerfile.${DISTRO} must match an existing filename.

REGISTRY_URI is part of the image name, representing the location of the image, used in the image tagging process. For example REGISTRY_URI could be docker.io/openstackhelm/. In that case, the full name and tag of the vbmc image would be:


Please check each section of the documentation for an overview of the build process for each container.