So You Want to Contribute…

For general information on contributing to OpenStack, please check out the contributor guide to get started. It covers all the basics that are common to all OpenStack projects: the accounts you need, the basics of interacting with our Gerrit review system, how we communicate as a community, etc.

Additional information could be found in OpenDev Developer’s Guide.

Below will cover the more project specific information you need to get started with OpenStack-Helm images.


  • Join us on IRC: #openstack-helm on oftc

  • Community IRC Meetings: [Every Tuesday @ 3PM UTC], #openstack-meeting-alt on oftc

  • Meeting Agenda Items: Agenda

  • Join us on Slack - #openstack-helm

Contacting the Core Team

Project’s Core Team could be contacted via IRC or Slack, usually during weekly meetings. List of current Cores could be found on a Members tab of openstack-helm-images-core Gerrit group.

New Feature Planning

New features are planned and implemented trough the process described in Project Specifications section of OpenStack-Helm documents.

Task Tracking

We track our tasks on our StoryBoard.

If you’re looking for some smaller, easier work item to pick up and get started on, search for the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ tag.

Other OpenStack-Helm component’s tasks could be found on the group Storyboard.

Reporting a Bug

You found an issue and want to make sure we are aware of it? You can do so on our Storyboard.

If issue is on one of other OpenStack-Helm components, report it to the appropriate group Storyboard.

Bugs should be filed as stories in Storyboard, not GitHub.

Getting Your Patch Merged

We require two Code-Review +2’s from reviewers, before getting your patch merged with giving Workforce +1. Trivial patches (e.g. typos) could be merged with one Code-Review +2.

Changes affecting code base often require CI tests and documentation to be added in the same patch set.

Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.

Project Team Lead Duties

All common PTL duties are enumerated in the PTL guide.