LOCI based images

OpenStack-Helm requires packages that aren’t installed in the LOCI images by default.

Mechanism used

Currently, we are passing arguments to the loci build, which is enough to customize the build system.

LOCI build process is a relatively staged process:

  1. Build (or re-use) a base image

  2. Build a requirements image, building wheels.

  3. Build the ‘project’ image, re-using requirements.

Code and parameters

OpenStack-Helm-Images can build multiple OpenStack images based on LOCI.

By default, OpenStack-Helm-Image has one build.sh script, in the openstack/loci/ folder.

For convenience, default overrides per OpenStack branch are provided in the same folder: build-newton.sh builds an OpenStack newton image, build-ocata.sh builds an ocata image, and so on.