Synchronization Monitoring and ControlΒΆ

Configuration changes made at the System Controller are synchronized automatically across the Distributed Cloud. You can monitor synchronization and enable or disable it through the managed attribute of the subcloud.

Each subcloud is initially in the unmanaged state. Use the following command to change the subcloud to the managed state and synchronize configuration data, and to collect alarms from the subcloud.

~(keystone_admin)]$ dcmanager subcloud manage <subcloud>

The subcloud is synchronized when it is first connected to the Distributed Cloud and set to managed. A backup audit and synchronization is run at regular intervals (every ten minutes) for subclouds in the Managed state, synchronizing them to the System Controller. You can view the synchronization status for individual subclouds on the Cloud Overview page from Distributed Cloud Admin > Cloud Overview.

If a subcloud is not synchronized, it may be in an Unmanaged state. The subcloud is synchronized immediately when it is changed to the Managed state.

Configuration changes made from the System Controller, and i.e. by specifying the --os-region-name option as SystemController are synchronized immediately. For example, to add an SNMP trap destination and immediately synchronize this configuration change to all subclouds in the Managed state, use the following command:

~(keystone_admin)]$ system --os-region-name SystemController snmp-trapdest-add -i -c my-community