На других узлах

Other nodes reference the controller node for clock synchronization. Perform these steps on all other nodes.

Установите и сконфигурируйте компоненты

  1. Install the packages.

    Для Ubuntu:

    # apt install chrony

    Для RHEL или CentOS:

    # yum install chrony

    Для SUSE:

    # zypper install chrony
  2. Configure the chrony.conf file and comment out or remove all but one server key. Change it to reference the controller node.

    For RHEL, CentOS, or SUSE, edit the /etc/chrony.conf file:

    server controller iburst

    For Ubuntu, edit the /etc/chrony/chrony.conf file:

    server controller iburst
  3. Comment out the pool 2.debian.pool.ntp.org offline iburst line.

  4. Restart the NTP service.

    Для Ubuntu:

    # service chrony restart

    For RHEL, CentOS, or SUSE:

    # systemctl enable chronyd.service
    # systemctl start chronyd.service