Управляющий узел

Perform these steps on the controller node.

Установите и сконфигурируйте компоненты

  1. Установите пакеты:

    Для Ubuntu:

    # apt install chrony

    Для RHEL или CentOS:

    # yum install chrony

    Для SUSE:

    # zypper install chrony
  2. Edit the chrony.conf file and add, change, or remove the following keys as necessary for your environment.

    For RHEL, CentOS, or SUSE, edit the /etc/chrony.conf file:

    server NTP_SERVER iburst

    For Ubuntu, edit the /etc/chrony/chrony.conf file:

    server NTP_SERVER iburst

    Replace NTP_SERVER with the hostname or IP address of a suitable more accurate (lower stratum) NTP server. The configuration supports multiple server keys.


    By default, the controller node synchronizes the time via a pool of public servers. However, you can optionally configure alternative servers such as those provided by your organization.

  3. To enable other nodes to connect to the chrony daemon on the controller node, add this key to the same chrony.conf file mentioned above:


    If necessary, replace with a description of your subnet.

  4. Перезапустите сервис NTP:

    Для Ubuntu:

    # service chrony restart

    For RHEL, CentOS, or SUSE:

    # systemctl enable chronyd.service
    # systemctl start chronyd.service