Memory TabΒΆ

The Memory tab on the Host Detail page displays host memory details.


The information is presented in three columns, as follows:


Overall memory on the host.

For a controller node it displays the total and available memory figures.

For a worker node, as in the example above, it displays the amount of memory reserved for the platform (system software), and the usable total available for use by applications. The usable total includes memory reserved for vSwitch huge pages.

Application Pages

This column is relevant on worker nodes only.

It displays the size of the pages, and the total and available page figures. If changes to the huge page allocations are requested for a locked host, they are shown as Pending.

vSwitch Pages

This column is relevant on OpenStack compute-labeled worker nodes only.

The size of the huge pages, and the total and available huge page figures.


vSwitch Huge Pages are not allocated if vswitch_type is set to None.

For more about host memory allocations, see About Host Memory Provisioning.