Install and Provision the Central Cloud¶

Installing the Central Cloud is similar to installing a standalone StarlingX system.

About this task

The Central Cloud supports the following deployment configurations:


Complete the StarlingX procedure for your deployment scenario with the modifications noted below.

  • When creating the user configuration overrides for the Ansible bootstrap playbook in /home/sysadmin/localhost.yml

    • Add the distributed_cloud_role parameter (as shown below) to your /home/sysadmin/localhost.yml Ansible bootstrap override file to indicate that this cloud will play the role of the Central Cloud / System Controller.

    • Restrict the range of addresses for the management network (using management_start_address and management_end_address, as shown below) to exclude the IP addresses reserved for gateway routers that provide routing to the subclouds’ management subnets.

  • Also, include the container images shown below in additional_local_registry_images, required for support of subcloud installs with the Redfish Platform Management Service, and subcloud installs using a Ceph storage backend.

system_mode: duplex
distributed_cloud_role: systemcontroller

management_start_address: <X.Y.Z>.2
management_end_address: <X.Y.Z>.50


where <X.Y.Z> are replaced with the correct values for your environment.