VXLAN Data NetworksΒΆ

Virtual eXtensible Local Area Networks (VXLANs) data networks are an alternative to VLAN data networks.

A VXLAN data network is implemented over a range of VXLAN Network Identifiers (VNIs.) This is similar to the VLAN option, but allows multiple data networks to be defined over the same physical network using unique VNIs defined in segmentation ranges.

Packets sent between VMs over virtual project networks backed by a VXLAN data network are encapsulated with IP, UDP, and VXLAN headers and sent as Layer 3 packets. The IP addresses of the source and destination compute nodes are included in the outer IP header.

StarlingX OpenStack supports two configurations for VXLANs:


Before you can create project networks on a VXLAN provider network, you must define at least one network segment range.


Static VXLAN is limited to one data network, and if configured, it must be enabled on all openstack-compute labeled nodes.