Check the status of the ceph cluster.

Uses ceph health to check if cluster is in HEALTH_WARN state and prints a debug message.

  • hosts: ceph_mon

  • groups: post-deployment, post-ceph

  • parameters:

    • tripleo_delegate_to: {{ groups[‘ceph_mon’] | default([]) }}

    • osd_percentage_min: 0

  • roles: ceph

Role documentation


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  • hosts: all

  • groups: prep, pre-deployment, post-deployment, pre-upgrade, post-upgrade, pre-update, pre-system-upgrade, pre-undercloud-upgrade, pre-overcloud-prepare, pre-overcloud-upgrade, pre-overcloud-converge, pre-ceph, post-ceph

  • parameters:

    • package_version_debug: False

  • roles: package_version

Role documentation