About the role

This role validates the NFV OvS DPDK zero packet loss rules on OvS DPDK Compute nodes to find out the issues with NFV OvS Dpdk configuration. Requirements ============ - Validates PMD threads configuration. - Validates PMD threads included as part of isolcpus. - Checks any interrupts on Isolated CPU’s. - Validates all the data paths are same on the server if ovs user bridge is used. - Validates bandwidth of the PCI slots. - Validates hugepages, CPU pinning, emulatorpin threads and libvirt queue size configuration on NFV instances. Dependencies ============ - Expects all the configuration files that are passed. Example Playbook ================ .. code-block:: yaml

  • hosts: servers roles:

    • { role: check_nfv_ovsdpdk_zero_packet_loss }


Apache Author Information ================= Red Hat TripleO DFG:NFV Integration —————- Full Description —————-

Role Documentation

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