Verify that the RSHM version configured is the right one.

This validation checks the RHSM version of the target node via subscription-manager release –show and makes sure that the release matches the value set in check_rhsm_version_expected.

  • hosts: all

  • groups: pre-undercloud-upgrade, pre-overcloud-upgrade

  • parameters:

    • check_rhsm_version_debug: False

  • roles: check_rhsm_version

Role documentation


Verify undercloud.conf correctness.

This validation verifies that no deprecated, invalid or incompatible parameters are being passwed in the Undercloud’s undercloud.conf configuration file.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: prep, pre-undercloud-upgrade

  • parameters:

    • check_undercloud_conf_debug: False

  • roles: check_undercloud_conf

Role documentation