Running TripleO Deployments on an OVB Cloud using tripleo-quickstart devmode

Running TripleO Deployments on an OVB Cloud using tripleo-quickstart devmode

Brief Instructions


  • Access to an OpenStack Cloud with OVB support.
  • V2.0 credentials (rc) file


You can download your rc file from Horizon: https://<OVB host cloud>/dashboard/project/access_and_security/. In the ‘API Access’ tab, click the ‘Download Openstack RC File v2.0’ (not the V3.0 file). The RC file will not contain your password when you download it. When you source this file, you will be prompted for it. To run devmode without interactive prompts, edit the rc file to contain your password.

Check out the tripleo-quickstart git repository and execute:

bash --no-gate --ovb
This will deploy:
  • 1 undercloud instance
  • 1 BMC instance
  • 2 baremetal overcloud instances (minimal 1 controller, 1 compute deployment - with pacemaker - deployed with public-bond network isolation)

In-Depth Instructions

Key file

A key file is required to ssh to the undercloud. By default, $USER/.ssh/id_rsa will be used.


The user may change which ssh key is used by setting the variable existing_key_location in the configuration files.

Testing patches

Running devmode with OVB includes the original devmode functionality to test patches. If -n for “no gate” is not present the user will be presented with questions regarding the patch in question. This works in the same way as libvirt and instructions can be found in Using Quickstart for Development.

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