Accessing the Undercloud

Accessing the Undercloud

Access via the CLI

When your deployment is complete, you will find a file named ssh.config.ansible located inside your local_working_dir (which defaults to $HOME/.quickstart). This file contains configuration settings for ssh to make it easier to connect to the undercloud host. You use it like this:

ssh -F $HOME/.quickstart/ssh.config.ansible undercloud

This will connect you to the undercloud host as the stack user:

[stack@undercloud ~]$

Once logged in to the undercloud, you can source the stackrc file if you want to access undercloud services:

[stack@undercloud ~]$ . stackrc
[stack@undercloud ~]$ heat stack-list
| id       ...| stack_name | stack_status    | creation_time       | updated_time |
| 988ad9c3-...| overcloud  | CREATE_COMPLETE | 2016-03-21T14:32:21 | None         |

And you can source the overcloudrc file if you want to interact with the overcloud:

[stack@undercloud ~]$ . overcloudrc
[stack@undercloud ~]$ nova service-list
| Id | Binary           | Host                                | Zone     | ...
| 1  | nova-cert        | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 2  | nova-consoleauth | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 5  | nova-scheduler   | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 6  | nova-conductor   | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 7  | nova-compute     | overcloud-novacompute-0.localdomain | nova     | ...

Access via the TripleO-UI

With baremetal and ovb based deployments you can access the TripleO-UI via the undercloud’s public ip address http://<virthost>:3000

Deploying TripleO in a libvirt based environment presents the additional challenge of accessing the isolated ovs networks on the undercloud. By default an ssh-tunnel service has been setup on the virthost by the tripleo-quickstart enable_port_forward_for_tripleo_ui variable. Access the TripleO-UI with the following.

From your workstation:


By default an insecure connection the undercloud services has been configured in the /var/www/openstack-tripleo-ui-/dist/tripleo_ui_config.js file. To use ssl connections change the default variable tripleo_ui_secure_access to true.

Note:: When using ssl a user must manually allow access due to the self signed ssl certificate by accepting access to https://<virthost>/keystone/v3/auth/tokens in a new browser window or tab. Then one may return to http://virthost:3000 and continue.
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