Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • New parameters max_client_requests and admin_max_client_requests allow to configure corresponding settings for libvirt.


New Features

  • Added disable_compute_service_check_for_ffu paramter to nova::workarounds to configure the configuration option with the same name.

  • Added enable_qemu_monitor_announce_self paramter to nova::workarounds to configure the configuration option with the same name.

  • Add sysinfo_serial parameter to control a Serial number entry generation method. Defaults to $::os_service_default.

  • Added parameter wait_for_vif_plugged_event_during_hard_reboot to nova::workarounds to configure the config option with the same name.


New Features

  • The new nova::compute::mkisofs_cmd parameter has been added to change the mkisofs tools. This is going to assist with transition from genisoimage to xorriso.

  • Adds parameter nova::compute::libvirt::num_memory_encrypted_guests to configure the libvirt maximum number of guests with encrypted memory.

  • Add parameters for Nova/Glance image copy when using multiple RBD Glance stores.

    • nova::compute::rbd::libvirt_images_rbd_glance_store_name

    • nova::compute::rbd::libvirt_images_rbd_glance_copy_poll_interval

    • nova::compute::rbd::libvirt_images_rbd_glance_copy_timeout

  • Now libvirtd_config and virtlogd_config supports the quote parameter. Setting this parameter quotes the value by " ".

  • Now libvirtd_config and virtlogd_config accepts $::os_service_default as a mark to unset the parameter.

  • This modules now supports modular libvirt daemons. Here is the list of daemons currently supported.

    • virtnodedevd

    • virtproxyd

    • virtqemud

    • virtsecretd

    • virtstoraged

    More information regarding modular libvirt daemons is available here. Libvirt Daemons <https://libvirt.org/daemons.html> _.

  • Introducing default_tls_verify for qemu. This effectively allows operators to enable or disable TLS client certificate verification.

  • The new nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd_config parameter has been added.

Deprecation Notes

  • The default values of the following parameter have been changed from undef to $::os_service_default. Using undef is still supported but that usage is deprecated.

    • nova::compute::libvirt::log_outputs

    • nova::compute::libvirt::log_filters

    • nova::compute::libvirt::tls_priority

    • nova::compute::libvirt::ovs_timeout

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::log_level

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::log_filters

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::log_outputs

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::max_clients

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::admin_max_clients

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::max_size

    • nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::max_backups

    • nova::migration::libvirt::listen_address

    • nova::migration::libvirt::ca_file

    • nova::migration::libvirt::crl_file

  • The nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd::config class has been deprecated in favor of nova::compute::libvirt::virtlogd_config.


New Features

  • Added parameter valid_interfaces to nova::glance class.

  • Add new parameter “nova::compute::libvirt::images_type”, VM Images format. If default is specified, then use_cow_images flag is used instead of this one.

  • Add TLS options to oslo.cache

  • Adds parameter nova::compute::libvirt::max_queues to configure the libvirt max_queues.

  • Nova supports to configure resource provider inventory and traits using a standardized YAML file format starting victoria release [1]. This adds the nova::compute::provider class to configure the custom provider yaml file via puppet-nova. [1] https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/admin/managing-resource-providers.html

  • Now puppet-nova supports configurations required to download Glance images into the libvirt image cache via RBD.

  • The new nova::glance class has been added to manage configurations to determine usage of the Glance service.

  • The new nova::policy::enforce_scope parameter has been added to support the corresponding parameter in oslo.policy library.

  • The new nova::policy::enforce_new_defaults parameter has been added.

  • Add parameter query_placement_for_routed_network_aggregates that allows the scheduler to verify if the requested networks or the port are related to Neutron routed networks _ with some specific segments to use. In this case, the routed networks prefilter will require the related aggregates to be reported in Placement, so only hosts within the asked aggregates would be accepted. In order to support this behaviour, operators need to set the [scheduler]/query_placement_for_routed_network_aggregates configuration option which defaults to False.

  • Support for the workarounds/ensure_libvirt_rbd_instance_dir_cleanup parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated neutron_* parameters of nova::network::neutron have been removed.

  • The deprecated nova::glance_api_servers parameter has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The “images_type” parameter will be required if rbd ephemeral storage is used in a future release. Ensure the parameter is set to ‘rbd’ if the deployment use rbd as its ephemeral storage backend.

  • The following parameters have been deprecated. Use the same parameters of the nova::compute class instead.

    • nova::block_device_allocate_retries

    • nova::block_device_allocate_retries_interval

  • The nova::api::install_cinder_client parameter has been deprecated and has no effect. This parameter will be removed in a future release.

  • The following parameters of the nova::quota class have been deprecated and now have no effect. These parameters will be removed in a future release.

    • floating_ips

    • fixed_ips

    • security_groups

    • security_group_rules

  • The following parameters of the nova::quota class have been deprecated and have no effect now. These parameters will be removed in a future release.

    • reservation_expire

    • until_refresh

    • max_age

  • The following parameters in the nova class has been deprecated. Use the new nova::glance class instead.

    • glance_endpoint_override

    • glance_num_retries

  • The nova::compute::verify_glance_signatures parameter has been deprecated in favor of the new nova::glance::verify_glance_signatures parameter.

  • Default value of nova::api::instance_name_template has been changed from undef to $::os_service_default. The parameter still accepts any false value then unsets the parameter, but this behavior will be changed in a future release. Use $::os_service_default if you want to use the default defined in nova implementation.


New Features

  • Added parameter live_migration_timeout_action to nova::migration::libvirt.

  • Add a new paramter nova::migration::libvirt::host_uuid. Currently, the host_uuid is autogenerated (if override_uuid = true). This means an operator is unable to set a uuid if desired. Add a new parameter to specify host_uuid.

  • Add the support to configure following parameters for api_database:

    • nova::db::api_database_connection_recycle_time

    • nova::db::api_database_max_pool_size

    • nova::db::api_database_max_retries

    • nova::db::api_database_retry_interval

    • nova::db::api_database_max_overflow

    • nova::db::api_database_pool_timeout

  • Add the default_ephemeral_format parameter which specifies default format an ephemeral_volume will be formatted with on creation.

  • Add the image_type_exclude_list parameter to prevent the compute service advertising support for specific image types.

  • Add compute_monitors parameter which specifies a list of monitors that can be used for getting compute metrics.

  • Add the update_resources_interval parameter which specifies the interval in seconds for updating compute resources.

  • The new nova::compute::default_access_ip_network_name parameter has been added to support to set the network name for instances access IPs.

  • The new nova::compute::use_cow_images parameter has been added to enable use of copy-on-write images.

  • The new nova::compute::virt_mkfs parameter has been added to support to specify the mkfs commands for ephemeral devices.

  • The new nova::compute::reboot_timeout parameter has been added to support to set a time interval after which an instance is hard rebooted automatically.- |

  • The new nova::compute::instance_build_timeout parameter has been added to support to specify the maximum time for instance to build.

  • The new nova::compute::rescue_timeout parameter has been added to support to set an interval to wait before un-rescuing an instance stuck in RESCUE.

  • The new nova::compute::shutdown_timeout parameter has been added to support to set a time to wait in seconds for an instance to perform a clean shutdown.

  • The new nova::migration::libvirt::live_migration_permit_post_copy parameter has been added to support post copy mode in live migration.

  • The new nova::migration::libvirt::live_migration_permit_auto_converge parameter has been added to support auto converge in live migration.

  • The new nova::compute::running_deleted_instance_action parameter has been added to support to select the action to be taken when a instance is identified as deleted.

  • The new nova::compute::running_deleted_instance_poll_interval parameter has been added to support to set a time interval to wait between runs for the clean up action.

  • The new nova::compute::running_deleted_instance_timeout parameter has been added to support to set a time interval to wait for the deleted instances cleanup.

  • Add the parameter snapshots_directory to specify the location where libvirt driver will store snapshots before uploading them to image service.

Upgrade Notes

  • Now policy.yaml is used by default instead of policy.json.

Deprecation Notes

  • allow_insecure_clients option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.

  • The following options have been deprecated, as those options have been moved to nova::db class.

    • nova::database_connection

    • nova::slave_connection

    • nova::api_database_connection

    • nova::api_slave_connection

    • nova::database_idle_timeout

    • nova::database_max_overflow

    • nova::database_max_pool_size

    • nova::database_max_retries

    • nova::database_retry_interval

  • nova has renamed the DEFAULT/scheduler_default_filters to filter_scheduler/enabled_filters. scheduler_default_filters has been renamed to scheduler_enabled_filter to match this change.

  • Support of the vmwareapi driver was initially deprecated, but it was undeprecated because nova has undeprecated its support.


New Features

  • The new nova::compute::image_cache class has been added to manage parameters for image cache feature.

  • The new nova::keystone::authtoken::service_type parameter has been added to configure the service_type parameter in authtoken middleware.

Upgrade Notes

  • The nova::compute::xenserver class has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters in the nova::compute::libvirt class have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use the corresponding parameter in the new nova::compute::image_cache class.

    • remove_unused_base_images

    • remove_unused_original_minimum_age_seconds

    • remove_unused_resize_minimum_age_seconds