Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The nova::compute::libvirt::services::ensure_package parmaeter has been added. This allows defining state of the libvirt packages.

  • The nova::compute::rbd class now installs the qemu-block-extra package in Ubuntu or Debian. The package_ensure parameter can be used to customize state of the package.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following parameters have been removed. Use the nova::cinder class parameters instead.

    • nova::os_region_name

    • nova::cinder_catalog_info

    • nova::cross_az_attach

  • The validate parameter and the validation_options parameter of the nova::api class have been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The [upgrade_level] upgrade_level_network parameter has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • The nova::api::instance_name_template parameter has been deprecated. Use the nova::instance_name_template parameter instead so that the option is configured for all nova services.