Rocky Series Release Notes



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some vitrage and monasca webhook updates are missed by the policy engine under some conditions.



New Features

  • Congress now loads all in-tree drivers automatically without the need for special configuration using the drivers config option. The value of drivers config option will be silently ignored. To prevent a driver from being loaded, specify the driver name in the new config option disable_drivers. To load additional third-partiy or downstream, specify the driver endpoint in the new config option custom_driver_endpoints.

  • The nova data source driver now supports the hypervisors table, replacing the old hosts table.

  • Congress can now accept Monasca alarm webhook notifications through the monasca_webhook driver.

  • Congress can now accept Vitrage alarm webhook notifications through the vitrage driver.

  • An extensible type system which allows data source drivers to specify data types for its table columns using both standard and custom types.

  • Support for invoking Neutron actions which take structure parameters. To invoke such actions, Congress policy can specify the structure as a string in JSON/YAML format. For an example, see the TagBasedNetworkSecurityZone library policy.

  • Congress config options defined as mutable (e.g., logging level) now gets loaded without service restart.

Upgrade Notes

  • Any of the third-party drivers added to drivers config option should add the corresponding endpoint to custom_drivers_endpoint to be able to load their drivers on service startup.

  • Default API microversion used by Nova driver changed from 2 to 2.26 to enable Nova tags. If version 2 is desired, please specify it explicitly in data source configuration. For example, openstack congress datasource create --config api_version=2 --config username=admin --config tenant_name=admin  --config auth_url= --config password=password nova nova

  • Nova os-hosts API had been deprecated since Pike and no longer available in the latest Nova client. As a result, the hosts table is no longer available in the Nova data source driver. In its place, please use the new hypervisors table.

  • neutron data source driver had been deprecated since Kilo and is now removed in the Rocky release. In its place, please use the neutronv2 data source driver.

Deprecation Notes

  • drivers config option is deprecated and would be silently ignored.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom polling interval from being specified for Monasca driver.

  • The deprecated tenant_name data source config is no longer required. project_name may be supplied instead.