Newton Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Ceilometer driver alarms issue resolved. When Aodh is available, alarms work as expected. When Aodh is unavailable, empty alarms list is reported.



Congress now supports high-availability and high-query-throughput deployments with load-balanced policy engines and warm-standby data-source drivers.

New Features

  • Added lazy_tables flag in OpenStack datasource drivers, which enables datasource drivers to postpone pulling data from real datasource services until policy rules refer to the specified tables.

  • Added support for replicated (load-balanced) policy engines for high-availability and high-query-throughput deployments. See HA-Overview and HA-Deployment documentation for more information.

  • Added support for warm-standby data-source drivers managed by Pacemaker. See HA-Overview and HA-Deployment documentation for more information.

  • Congress now supports multi-node deployment where different components (policy engine, API server, and datasource drivers) may be deployed in separate processes on separate hosts. See deployment documentation for more information.

Known Issues

  • Ceilometer driver experiences error when retrieving the list of alarms. The impact is that the some ceilometer data may not be updated in Congress. We are currently working with the ceilometer team to find a resolution. Expect a resolution in the next minor release.

  • The specialized policy engine for VM placement (previously released as experimental) is not available in this release. Expect it to be available again in a future release.

Upgrade Notes

  • Added a new database table dstabledata to persist pushed data from a datasource. Necessary migration scripts are included in congress/db/migration/