Running Patrole Tests in Tempest

If Patrole is installed correctly, then the API tests can be executed from inside the tempest root directory as follows:

tox -eall-plugin -- patrole_tempest_plugin.tests.api

To execute patrole tests for a specific module, run:

tox -eall-plugin -- patrole_tempest_plugin.tests.api.compute

To change the role that the patrole tests are being run as, edit rbac_test_role in the rbac section of tempest.conf:

rbac_test_role = Member


The rbac_test_role is service-specific. Member, for example, is an arbitrary role, but by convention is used to designate the default non-admin role in the system. Most patrole tests should be run with admin and Member roles. However, some services, like Heat, take advantage of a role called heat_stack_user, as it appears frequently in Heat’s policy.json.

For more information about the Member role, please see: