Installation Information

At the command line:

$ sudo pip install patrole

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed:

$ mkvirtualenv patrole
$ sudo pip install patrole

Or to install from the source:

$ navigate to patrole directory
$ sudo pip install -e .

Configuration Information


To run the RBAC tempest api test, you have to make the following changes to the tempest.conf file.

  1. auth section updates

    # Allows test cases to create/destroy projects and users. This option
    # requires that OpenStack Identity API admin credentials are known. If
    # false, isolated test cases and parallel execution, can still be
    # achieved configuring a list of test accounts (boolean value)
    use_dynamic_credentials = True
  2. rbac section updates

    # The role that you want the RBAC tests to use for RBAC testing
    # This needs to be edited to run the test as a different role.
    rbac_test_role = _member_
    # Enables RBAC Tempest tests if set to True. Otherwise, they are
    # skipped.
    enable_rbac = True
    # If set to true, tests throw a RbacParsingException for policies
    # not found in the policy.json. Otherwise, they throw a
    # skipException.
    strict_policy_check = False
    # The following config options set the location of the service's
    # policy file. For services that have their policy in code (e.g.,
    # Nova), this would be the location of a custom policy.json, if
    # one exists.
    cinder_policy_file = /etc/cinder/policy.json
    glance_policy_file = /etc/glance/policy.json
    keystone_policy_file = /etc/keystone/policy.json
    neutron_policy_file = /etc/neutron/policy.json
    nova_policy_file = /etc/nova/policy.json