Manila provider

Manila volume provider enables Fuxi create share from OpenStack Manila and provides them to Docker containers.


  • Install the related client according the driver backends that Manila used for mounting the remote filesystem.

Manila provider configuration settings

The following parameters in manila group need to be set:

  • region_name = <used to pick the URL from the service catalog>

The following configuration parameters are options:

  • volume_connector = osbrick
  • share_proto = <default share protocol used to grant access>
  • proto_access_type_map = <the mapping of protocol access
    that manila enabled>
  • access_to_for_cert = <the value of key access_to when Manila use
    access_type CERT to allow access for visitors>


If want to use keystone v3, please set authtoken configuration in group manila or other group with auth_section marking it.


Set volume_providers = manila in group DEFAULT to use Manila volume provider.

For different backends that manila enabled, we need to provide different parameter to create volume(share) from Manila.

The following are some examples.

  • If using generic driver in Manila, share_network should be provided;
docker volume create --driver fuxi --name <vol_name> \
    --opt share_network=<share_network_id>
  • If using glusterfs driver in Manila, share_type should be provided;
docker volume create --driver fuxi --name <volume_name> \
    --opt share_type=<share_type_id>
  • If using glusterfs_native driver in Manila, share_type and share_proto
    need be provided;
docker volume create --driver fuxi --name <vol_name> \
    --opt share_type=<share_type_id> \
    --opt share_proto=glusterfs

Using existing Manila share:

docker volume create --driver fuxi --name <vol_name> \
    --opt volume_id=<share_id>


The parameter –opt volume_provider=manila is needed, if you want use Manila volume provider when multi volume providers are enabled and manila is not the first one.