Cinder provider

Cinder volume provider enables Fuxi create volume from OpenStack Cinder and provides them to Docker containers.

Cinder provider configuration setttings

The following parameters in cinder group need to be set:

  • region_name = <used to pick the URL from the service catalog>
  • volume_connector = <the way to connect or disconect volume. default
    osbrick, only could chose from [osbrick, openstack]>
  • fstype = <the filesystem type for formatting connected block device.
    default ext4>
  • multiattach = <the volume is enabled to attached to multi-host.
    deafult False>


  • If want to use keystone v3, please set authtoken configuration in group

cinder or other group with auth_section marking it.

  • multiattach must be setting properly according to the enabled volume

driver backends in Cinder.

Supported connectors

  • osbrick: fuxi.connector.osbrickconnector.CinderConnector
  • openstack: fuxi.connector.cloudconnector.openstack.CinderConnector

Connector osbrick

osbrick connector uses OpenStack library package os-brick to manage the connection with Cinder volume. With this connector, fuxi-server could run in baremetal or VM normally.


  • Install related client for connecting Cinder volume. eg: open-iscsi, nfs-common.

  • When iSCSI client used and fuxi-server is running in root user, must make a link for executable file /lib/udev/scsi_id

    ln -s /lib/udev/scsi_id /usr/local/bin

Connector openstack

This connector is only supported when running the containers inside OpenStack Nova instances due to its usage of OpenStack Nova API ‘connect’ and ‘disconnet’ verbs.


The example for creating volume from Cinder with Docker volume command:

docker volume create --driver fuxi --name <vol_name> \
    --opt size=1 \
    --opt fstype=ext4 \
    --opt multiattach=true

Use existing Cinder volume:

docker volume create --driver fuxi --name test_vol \
    --opt size=1 \
    --opt volume_id=<volume_id>