Monasca Log API

The monasca-log-api project has a RESTful HTTP service called the Monasca Log API. Through this API users are able to send logs from entire cloud.

This guide covers the concepts in the Monasca Log API. For a full reference listing, please see: Monasca Log API Reference.

We welcome feedback, comments, and bug reports at storyboard/monasca.

Intended audience

This guide assists software developers who want to develop applications using the Monasca Log API. To use this information, you should have access to an account from an OpenStack Compute provider, or have access to your own deployment, and you should also be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Monasca services

  • RESTful HTTP services

  • HTTP/1.1

  • JSON data serialization formats

End User and Operator APIs

The Log API includes all end user and operator API calls. The API works with keystone and, at the monent, uses custom RBAC to enforce API security.

API Versions

Following the Newton release, every Nova deployment should have the following endpoints:

  • / - list of available versions

  • /v2.0 - the first version, permitted only single log to be send per request

  • /v3.0 - the next version, allows sending multiple logs at once