Monasca Log API Concepts

The Monasca Log API is defined as a RESTful HTTP service. The API takes advantage of all aspects of the HTTP protocol (methods, URIs, media types, response codes, etc.) and providers are free to use existing features of the protocol such as caching, persistent connections, and content compression among others.

Providers can return information identifying requests in HTTP response headers, for example, to facilitate communication between the provider and client applications.

Monasca LOG is a service that provides log collection capabilities over cloud.

User Concepts

To use the Monasca Log API effectively, you should understand several key concepts:

  • Log

  • Dimensions

Relationship with Metric API

The Monasca Log API follow similar concept as Monasca Metric API. Both are using the same meta-like language to describie entities that are sent over wire. Below list enumerates those meta properties:

  • dimensions

  • meta_value