OpenStack Testing and Collaboration Tools SIG

The Testing and Collaboration Tools (TaCT) SIG maintains, in cooperation with the OpenDev project, the tooling and infrastructure needed to support the development process and testing of the OpenStack project.



The TaCT SIG consists of many former Infra team collaborators: people who review OpenStack job configuration changes, people who dig into problems with test frameworks to unblock the integrated gate queue, people who figure out strange Python packaging related issues, people who help work out lapsed control of Launchpad admin groups… also, the person selected by the TC to serve as OpenStack’s representative on the OpenDev Advisory Council is expected to be heavily involved. Many of these activities are closely related to work the Quality Assurance team is doing, so folks who are active in QA participate in this SIG as well.


The OpenStack Infrastructure team, and the CI team before it, traditionally existed to care for the continuous integration and collaboration infrastructure on which the OpenStack community relies. With the rise of the OpenDev Collaboratory as a distinct effort outside of (but still primarily in service of) OpenStack, the majority of the team’s former systems administration activities were no longer occurring under the authority of OpenStack. Most of the software and configuration management repositories previously in the care of the Infra team were also no longer official OpenStack deliverables, as they became part of OpenDev as well (and their biggest development effort, Zuul+Nodepool, was already spun out as an independent Open Infrastructure Project even earlier still).

With these responsibilities moved elsewhere, the existence of a formal team was less of a necessity. What remained was a need to support OpenStack’s project-specific testing and collaboration tooling and services, primarily job configuration and other things which shouldn’t currently be generalized into components of the OpenDev Collaboratory. To this end, a Testing and Collaboration Tools (TaCT) SIG was created to serve the role previously occupied by the OpenStack Infrastructure team.


The choice to rename was, in large part, because the term “infrastructure” perpetually confused newcomers to the community, and the SIG’s formation was an opportunity to use something less overloaded.


This service collects CI job results in one place, so the developer will be able to filter them by time or other criteria, see simple visualization for most common errors etc.

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