Project Pylon: Update our communication tooling


Our community is relying on efficient, working, communication mecanisms. Currently, the OpenDev team provides us with mailing lists, IRC tools, and video conferencing.

However, those communication mechanisms might appear “unattractive” by younger contributors. The idea to change these tools with a more modern “toolkit” has been floated in the past. However, this didn’t result in a change, and it is hard to find a record of the reasons why the conversations ended up with a status quo. We therefore don’t know what was proposed, and what were the rejections reasons.

We should instead keep these conversations in an easy to browse format, and the ideas repository is most likely the best place for that (until we change the tooling).

I compared what other communities have been doing to record communications, and I think we are closer in mindsets to the “Mozilla” model than the “Kubernetes” model for example. This is taken into account in the proposed solution. You can find more details about the proposed solution in the next.