Vitrage Dashboard

Vitrage is the Openstack RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Engine for organizing, analyzing and expanding OpenStack alarms & events, yielding insights regarding the root cause of problems and deducing the existence of problems before they are directly detected.

Vitrage Dashboard is an extension for OpenStack Dashboard that provides a UI for Vitrage.

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How to use this package

With Devstack

Add the following to your Devstack local.conf file

enable_plugin vitrage-dashboard

With Horizon

git clone

git clone

git clone

cd ../horizon

./ -f --docs

cp ./openstack_dashboard/local/ ./openstack_dashboard/local/

pushd ../vitrage-dashboard

../horizon/tools/ pip install -e.

cp -a vitrage_dashboard/enabled/* ../horizon/openstack_dashboard/enabled/


cd python-vitrageclient

../horizon/tools/ pip install -e.