Ensure container status.

Detect failed containers and raise an error.

  • hosts: undercloud, allovercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, pre-upgrade, pre-update, post-deployment, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: container_status

Role documentation


Verify image-serve service is working and answering.

Ensures image-serve vhost is configured and httpd is running.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, pre-upgrade, post-deployment, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: image_serve

Role documentation


Check nova sVirt support.

Ensures all running VM are correctly protected with sVirt

  • hosts: Compute

  • groups: post-deployment, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: nova_svirt

Role documentation


Check connectivity to various OpenStack services.

This validation gets the PublicVip address from the deployment and tries to access Horizon and get a Keystone token.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: post-deployment, pre-upgrade, post-upgrade, pre-update, post-update

  • parameters:

  • roles: openstack_endpoints

Role documentation


Openstack services configuration validation.

This role is intended to leverage the oslo-config-validator on each one of the configuration files found on a deployment. The goal is to quickly catch erroneous configurations.

When called manually, it will also be possible to generate a report returning all the differences between the current configuration and the default configuration

  • hosts: all

  • groups: post-deployment, post-system-upgrade, post-update, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

    • oslo_config_validator_debug: False

    • oslo_config_validator_report: False

    • oslo_config_validator_validation: True

    • oslo_config_validator_invalid_settings: True

    • oslo_config_validator_report_path: /var/tmp/config_validator_report

    • oslo_config_validator_report_archive: True

    • oslo_config_validator_work_path: /var/lib/tripleo-config/oslo_config_validator

    • oslo_config_validator_checked_services: [‘nova’, ‘cinder’, ‘glance’, ‘heat’, ‘ironic’, ‘placement’, ‘neutron’, ‘keystone’]

  • roles: oslo_config_validator

Role documentation


Verify overcloud services state after running a deployment or an update.

An Ansible role to verify the Overcloud services states after a deployment or an update. It checks the API /os-services and looks for deprecated services (nova-consoleauth) or any down services.

  • hosts: Undercloud

  • groups: post-deployment, post-upgrade, post-overcloud-upgrade, post-overcloud-converge

  • parameters:

    • overcloud_service_status_debug: False

    • overcloud_service_api: [‘nova’, ‘cinderv3’]

    • overcloud_deprecated_services: {‘nova’: [‘nova-consoleauth’]}

  • roles: overcloud_service_status

Role documentation


Stack Health Check.

Check if all stack resources are in a ‘COMPLETE’ state before starting an upgrade.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: pre-upgrade, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: stack_health

Role documentation


Verify undercloud services state before running update or upgrade.

Check undercloud status before running a stack update - especially minor update and major upgrade.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-upgrade, pre-upgrade, post-update, pre-update

  • parameters:

  • roles: undercloud_service_status

Role documentation