Accessing the Undercloud

Access via the CLI

When your deployment is complete, you will find a file named ssh.config.ansible located inside your local_working_dir (which defaults to $HOME/.quickstart). This file contains configuration settings for ssh to make it easier to connect to the undercloud host. You use it like this:

ssh -F $HOME/.quickstart/ssh.config.ansible undercloud

This will connect you to the undercloud host as the stack user:

[stack@undercloud ~]$

Once logged in to the undercloud, you can source the stackrc file if you want to access undercloud services:

[stack@undercloud ~]$ . stackrc
[stack@undercloud ~]$ heat stack-list
| id       ...| stack_name | stack_status    | creation_time       | updated_time |
| 988ad9c3-...| overcloud  | CREATE_COMPLETE | 2016-03-21T14:32:21 | None         |

And you can source the overcloudrc file if you want to interact with the overcloud:

[stack@undercloud ~]$ . overcloudrc
[stack@undercloud ~]$ nova service-list
| Id | Binary           | Host                                | Zone     | ...
| 1  | nova-cert        | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 2  | nova-consoleauth | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 5  | nova-scheduler   | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 6  | nova-conductor   | overcloud-controller-0              | internal | ...
| 7  | nova-compute     | overcloud-novacompute-0.localdomain | nova     | ...

Note, when an undercloud node is hosted on an OpenStack cloud instead, the ssh access user name may be ‘centos’ or the like. And you may not be able to login as the root. The UC node name may be also prefixed with a given heat stack name, like foo-undercloud. The node also should be given a floating IP to serve as a bastion host proxying ansible/ssh to overcloud nodes.

Access via the TripleO-UI

With baremetal and ovb based deployments you can access the TripleO-UI via the undercloud’s public ip address https://<virthost>

Deploying TripleO in a libvirt based environment presents the additional challenge of accessing the isolated ovs networks on the undercloud. By default an ssh-tunnel service has been setup on the virthost by the tripleo-quickstart enable_port_forward_for_tripleo_ui variable. Access the TripleO-UI with the following.

From your workstation:


By default a secure connection to the undercloud services has been configured in the /var/www/openstack-tripleo-ui-/dist/tripleo_ui_config.js file. To use an insucure connections change the default variable tripleo_ui_secure_access to false.