Updating puppet-tripleo

The puppet manifests that currently define overcloud node configuration are moved from the tripleo-heat-templates to new puppet-tripleo class definitions as part of the composable services approach. In next iterations, all service configuration should be moved also to puppet-tripleo. This section considers the addition of the ntp definition to puppet-tripleo.

Folder structure convention

Services should be defined in the services folder, depending on the service purpose.

  profile/base      ---> To host all services not using pacemaker.
    time            ---> Specific folder for time services (NTP, timezone, Chrony among others).
      ntp.pp        ---> Puppet manifest to configure the service.


For further information related to the current folders manifests structure refer to the puppet-tripleo repository.

Adding the puppet manifest

This step will reference how the puppet logic should be organized in puppet-tripleo.

Inside the manifests folder, add the service manifest following the folder structure (manifests/profile/base/time/ntp.pp) as:

class tripleo::profile::base::time::ntp (
  #We get the configuration step in which we can choose which steps to execute
  $step          = hiera('step'),
) {
  #step assigned for core modules.
  #(Check for further references about the configuration steps)
  if ($step >= 2){
    #We will call the NTP puppet class and assign our configuration values.
    #If needed additional Puppet packages can be added/installed by using the repo tripleo-puppet-elements
    if count($ntpservers) > 0 {
      include ::ntp

If users have followed all the previous steps, they should be able to configure their services using the composable services within roles guidelines.