Welcome to tosca-parser’s documentation!

Welcome to tosca-parser’s documentation!

The TOSCA Parser is developed to parse TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML. It reads the TOSCA templates and creates an in-memory graph of TOSCA nodes and their relationship.

The TOSCA Parser can also be used for parsing TOSCA Simple Profile for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The work to provide such a support was started with the release of TOSCA Parser 0.4.0 PyPI release and it is ongoing. The TOSCA Simple Profile for NFV can be accessed by using TOSCA version “tosca_simple_profile_for_nfv_1_0_0” in the template.

The TOSCA Parser now supports profile definition extensions that can be accessed via a custom tosca_definitions_version. Extensions can be added by creating a module in the “toscaparser/extensions” directory. See the “nfv” module for an example.

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