Welcome to the Senlin documentation!

Welcome to the Senlin documentation!

1 Introduction

Senlin is a service to create and manage cluster of multiple cloud resources. Senlin provides an OpenStack-native REST API and a AWS AutoScaling-compatible Query API is in plan.

2 Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through the Senlin features step-by-step. For more details, please check the 3 User References section.

3 User References

This section provides a detailed documentation for the concepts and built-in policy types.

3.2 Built-in Policy Types

The senlin service is released with some built-in policy types that target some common use cases. You can develop and deploy your own policy types by following the instructions in the 5. Developer’s Guide section.

The following is a list of builtin policy types:

4 Usage Scenarios

This section provides some guides for typical usage scenarios. More scenarios are to be added

4.1 Managing Node Affinity

Senlin provides an Affinity Policy for managing node affinity. This section contains a detailed introduction on how to use it.

5. Developer’s Guide

This section targets senlin developers.

5.2 Built-in Policy Types

Senlin provides some built-in policy types which can be instantiated and then attached to your clusters. These policy types are designed to be orthogonal so that each of them can be used independently. They are also expected to work in a collaborative way to meet the needs of complicated usage scenarios.

5.3 Reviewing Patches

There are many general guidelines across the community about code reviews, for example:

Besides these guidelines, senlin has some additional amendments based on daily review experiences that should be practiced.

6 References

6.1 API Documentation

Follow the link below for the Senlin API V1 specification:

6.2 Man Pages

6.3 Glossary

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