Contributing to Senlin Dashboard

If you’re interested in contributing to the Senlin Dashboard project, the following will help get you started.

Contributor License Agreement

In order to contribute to the Senlin Dashboard project, you need to have signed OpenStack’s contributor’s agreement.

LaunchPad Project

Most of the tools used for OpenStack depend on a ID for authentication.

Project Hosting

Mailing list

Use [senlin-dashboard] prefix in subjects with for faster responses

Code Hosting

Code Review

Devstack Installation

  1. Download DevStack:

    $ git clone
    $ cd devstack
  2. Add following repo as external repositories into your local.conf file:

    #Enable senlin
    enable_plugin senlin
    #Enable senlin-dashboard
    enable_plugin senlin-dashboard

    Please see the link: for more detail about setting Senlin Server.

  3. Run

    $ ./

Unit Test

The unit tests can be executed directly from within this Senlin Dashboard plugin project directory by using:


Source Code Reference