Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • This introduce needed changes to be able to deploy an additional cell via oooq. If additional_cell is set to true after the overcloud got deployed the additional cell gets deployed. Todo this information gets extracted from the overcloud stack, which is requried as input to the second heat stack, where the additional cell is managed with. As a reference [1] is the scenario which is installed adding a single additional cell.

    config/general_config/featureset063.yml is used for the configuration and config/nodes/1ctlr_1cellctrl_1comp.yml has a nova config example.


Other Notes

  • The openstack undercloud deploy command has been removed. The support for this method of deployment in the undercloud-deploy role has been removed.


New Features

  • Added public cloud settings. All public cloud settings can be overridden to deploy on custom cloud environments. Added functionality to remove stacks and key pairs from the host cloud.

  • Add undercloud_roles_data for containerized undercloud deployments. Allows to specify a custom undercloud roles file which should be taken into account when preparing docker images for UC. Defaults to {{ overcloud_templates_path }}/roles_data_undercloud.yaml.


    The default value can not be changed yet. The command openstack undercloud deploy works only with the static role file roles_data_undercloud.yaml from t-h-t. Custom undercloud roles data files, like roles/UndercloudLight.yaml, need to be copied as {{ overcloud_heat_templates }}/roles_data_undercloud.yaml in order to use this feature.

  • EXPERIMENTAL feature to install the undercloud with openstack heat add support for a containerized undercloud. It allows to update the specified packages, install custom t-h-t templates and fetch work in progress dependency changes. This can be done deployment runtime, by an undercloud deploy script defined from a given template. The feature is invoked by using the config file in config/general_config/containers_undercloud_minimal.yml e.g. ./ -c $working_dir/config/general_config/containers_undercloud_minimal.yml –tags all -R master-tripleo-ci -w $working_dir $VIRTHOST

  • Added support for other network isolation physical topologies such as ‘multiple-nics’, ‘bond-with-vlans’, and ‘public-bond’

  • Added the possibility to give root device hints for nodes, covering the same type of hints as Ironic allows.

  • Underclouds and overclouds may be installed with Heat templates fetched into a custom location defined with overcloud_templates_path.

  • New “validate_services” boolean flag in order to check the service state

  • New “validate-services” role in charge of container and service state validation

Known Issues

  • Because of very long image modifying by libguestfs, we now implement a different way to do it by converting image to raw, mounting it and modifying in the place (usual tripleo-ci way to do it, as it was before transition to quickstart). This implementation might be temporary until we figure what happens with libguestfs.

Deprecation Notes

  • The variable “undercloud_hieradata_override_file” which was the hieradata

    override file for the undercloud, was deprecated in favor of the variables “hieradata_override_file_classic_undercloud” and “hieradata_override_file_t_h_t_undercloud”.

  • The use of network isolation types ‘multi-nic’, ‘bond_with_vlans’, and ‘single_nic_vlans’ are deprecated and will be removed in the ‘R’ release. Please change these values to ‘multiple-nics’, ‘bond-with-vlans’, and ‘single-nic-vlans’ accordingly.

  • Currently only support for disk size hint was possible on OOOQ. This was using the disk_root_device_size setting, as well as the disk property on instackenv.json This feature is not being removed, but the usage of new root device hintes feature is prefered. If some device hints are given using this new env setting, the old way will be ignored. In the future, disk_root_device_size hint will need to be deprecated.

  • The tripleoupstream container registry is not used anymore and may be retired in the future.

  • The experimental containerized undercloud deployments driven via undercloud deploy CLI is not supported anymore for Pike.

Bug Fixes

  • The references to the Heat command are deprecated from Mitaka release and we should now be using the OpenStack CLI instead.

  • Fix undercloud_roles_data to contain a relative path as tripleoclient expects it.

  • Currently OOOQ deploys on baremetal, on servers with multiple disks, is not behaving correctly. There was the possibility of giving root device hints, but only based on size. On systems where the disk size was the same, it was impossible to target the right disk.

  • Containerized underclouds are allowed to have a custom undercloud_docker_registry_tag. undercloud_docker_registry_port may be omitted, if undercloud_docker_registry_host does not expect a custom port, like ‘’.

    The docker registry host, port and tag for containerized undercloud services default to the values provided for overcloud deployments. You may want to alter it, if building images locally with Kolla, or fetching from remote registries not fitting overcloud deployment cases. As overcloud deployments may consume images form the undercloud local registry, it is possible to have undercloud_docker_* and docker_* params diverged for containerized underclouds vs overclouds.

Other Notes

  • undercloud deploy CLI now supports undercloud_roles_data. It can also be defined in undercloud.conf as roles_file to be used with undercloud install --use-heat as well.

  • The nodes registration and configure are done through openstack overcloud node import instackenv.json command from newton release and above.