Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Add a Sample Ansible Driver as an option for users who want to use ansible for configuration of VNFs. This Ansible Driver supports the key LCMs such as instantiate_end, scale_start, scale_end, heal_end and terminate_start. A Sample VNF package which contains sample usage of Ansible Driver is provided. User manual is also provided to explain the steps in preparing the environment to use Ansible Driver.

  • Add Change Current VNF Package API based on ETSI NFV specifications. Tacker supports a VNF upgrade using this API. Currently, it only supports “RollingUpdate” out of several methods for a VNF upgrade.

  • Support Container based VNF operation with the following new version of RESTful APIs based on ETSI NFV specifications. Version “2.0.0” API of Instantiate VNF, Terminate VNF, and Change Current VNF Package support Kubernetes vim. Other APIs besides Scale VNF and Heal VNF, such as Create VNF, Delete VNF, List VNF, Show VNF, and so on have already supported Kubernetes vim because they use common processing that does not depend on vim type: OpenStack, Kubernetes. Version “2.0.0” API of Scale VNF and Heal VNF with Kubernetes vim will be supported in future.

  • Support ETSI NFV compliant automated testing by using the Robot Framework and ETSI NFV-TST API test codes. This feature uses the Robot Framework which utilizes the ETSI NFV-TST API test codes to test tacker for ETSI NFV compliance in a Black Box testing level. This is an additional quality test measure to ensure that the added tacker features comply to the ETSI NFV standards.

Known Issues

  • Regarding Sample Ansible Driver, currently, deployment flavors share only one config.yaml due to a limitation in Management Driver.

  • Regarding ETSI NFV compliant automated testing, some of the tests are failing due to bugs (1) Tacker Bug and (2) Issues in the ETSI NFV-TST API test codes. (1) Tacker Bug such as Bug-#1945387 was detected in this compliance test and the corresponding test is currently failing. Test will pass once the bug is fixed. (2) Issues in the ETSI NFV-TST API test codes such as schema and mock server location issues also caused some tests to fail. Tests will pass once the issues are resolved. Due to these existing failed items, this test is currently non-voting.