Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The list of enabled filters for the Cinder scheduler, scheduler_default_filters in cinder.conf, could previously be defined only via an entry in cinder_cinder_conf_overrides. You now have the option to instead define a list variable, cinder_scheduler_default_filters, that defines the enabled filters. This is helpful if you either want to disable one of the filters enabled by default (at the time of writing, these are AvailabilityZoneFilter, CapacityFilter, and CapabilitiesFilter), or if conversely you want to add a filter that is normally not enabled, such as DifferentBackendFilter or InstanceLocalityFilter.

    For example, to enable the InstanceLocalityFilter in addition to the normally enabled scheduler filters, use the following variable.

      - AvailabilityZoneFilter
      - CapacityFilter
      - CapabilitiesFilter
      - InstanceLocalityFilter


Other Notes

  • Added support for specifying GID and UID for cinder system user by defining cinder_system_user_uid and cinder_system_group_gid. This setting is optional.