Train Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Deployers may require custom CA certificates installing on their openstack hosts or service containers. A new variable openstack_host_ca_certificates is added which is a list of certificates that should be copied from the deploy host to the target hosts. Certificates may be selectively deployed by defining the variable either in user_variables.yml or via host/group vars.

Other Notes

  • Code which added ‘Acquire::http:No-Cache true’ to the host and container apt preferences when http proxy environment variables were set has been removed. This setting is only required when working around issues introduced by badly configured http proxies. In some cases proxies can improperly cache the apt Releases and Packages files leading to package installation errors. If a deployment is behind a badly configured proxy, the deployer can add the necessary apt config fragment as part of host provisioning. OSA will replicate that config into any containers that are created. This setting can be removed from existing deployments if required by manually deleting the file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00apt-no-cache from all host and containers.