volume backup

Block Storage v1, v2

volume backup create

Create new volume backup

openstack volume backup create
    [--name <name>]
    [--description <description>]
    [--container <container>]
    [--snapshot <snapshot>]
    [--property <key=value>]
    [--availability-zone <zone-name>]
--name <name>

Name of the backup

--description <description>

Description of the backup

--container <container>

Optional backup container name

--snapshot <snapshot>

Snapshot to backup (name or ID)


Allow to back up an in-use volume


Perform an incremental backup


Do not perform an incremental backup

--property <key=value>

Set a property on this backup (repeat option to remove multiple values) (supported by –os-volume-api-version 3.43 or above)

--availability-zone <zone-name>

AZ where the backup should be stored; by default it will be the same as the source (supported by –os-volume-api-version 3.51 or above)


Volume to backup (name or ID)

volume backup delete

Delete volume backup(s)

openstack volume backup delete [--force] <backup> [<backup> ...]

Allow delete in state other than error or available


Backup(s) to delete (name or ID)

volume backup list

List volume backups

openstack volume backup list
    [--sort-column SORT_COLUMN]
    [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]
    [--name <name>]
    [--status <status>]
    [--volume <volume>]
    [--marker <volume-backup>]
    [--limit <num-backups>]
--sort-column SORT_COLUMN

specify the column(s) to sort the data (columns specified first have a priority, non-existing columns are ignored), can be repeated


sort the column(s) in ascending order


sort the column(s) in descending order


List additional fields in output

--name <name>

Filters results by the backup name

--status <status>

Filters results by the backup status, one of: creating, available, deleting, error, restoring or error_restoring

--volume <volume>

Filters results by the volume which they backup (name or ID)

--marker <volume-backup>

The last backup of the previous page (name or ID)

--limit <num-backups>

Maximum number of backups to display


Include all projects (admin only)

volume backup record export

Export volume backup details. Backup information can be imported into a new service instance to be able to restore.

openstack volume backup record export <backup>

Backup to export (name or ID)

volume backup record import

Import volume backup details. Exported backup details contain the metadata necessary to restore to a new or rebuilt service instance

openstack volume backup record import

Backup service containing the backup.


Encoded backup metadata from export.

volume backup restore

Restore volume backup

openstack volume backup restore <backup> <volume>

Backup to restore (name or ID)


Volume to restore to (name or ID)

volume backup set

Set volume backup properties

openstack volume backup set
    [--name <name>]
    [--description <description>]
    [--state <state>]
    [--property <key=value>]
--name <name>

New backup name(supported by –os-volume-api-version 3.9 or above)

--description <description>

New backup description (supported by –os-volume-api-version 3.9 or above)

--state <state>

New backup state (“available” or “error”) (admin only) (This option simply changes the state of the backup in the database with no regard to actual status; exercise caution when using)


Remove all properties from this backup (specify both –no-property and –property to remove the current properties before setting new properties)

--property <key=value>

Set a property on this backup (repeat option to set multiple values) (supported by –os-volume-api-version 3.43 or above)


Backup to modify (name or ID)

volume backup show

Display volume backup details

openstack volume backup show <backup>

Backup to display (name or ID)