Object Storage v1

object create

Upload object to container

os object create
    [--name <name>]
    <filename> [<filename> ...]
--name <name>

Upload a file and rename it. Can only be used when uploading a single object


Container for new object


Local filename(s) to upload

object delete

Delete object from container

os object delete
    <object> [<object> ...]

Delete object(s) from <container>


Object(s) to delete

object list

List objects

os object list
    [--prefix <prefix>]
    [--delimiter <delimiter>]
    [--marker <marker>]
    [--end-marker <end-marker>]
    [--limit <limit>]
--prefix <prefix>

Filter list using <prefix>

--delimiter <delimiter>

Roll up items with <delimiter>

--marker <marker>

Anchor for paging

--end-marker <end-marker>

End anchor for paging

--limit <limit>

Limit number of objects returned


List additional fields in output


List all objects in <container> (default is 10000)


Container to list

object save

Save object locally

os object save
    [--file <filename>]
--file <filename>

Destination filename (defaults to object name)


Download <object> from <container>


Object to save

object set

Set object properties

os object set
    [--property <key=value> [...] ]
--property <key=value>

Set a property on this object (repeat option to set multiple properties)


Modify <object> from <container>


Object to modify

object show

Display object details

os object show

Display <object> from <container>


Object to display

object unset

Unset object properties

os object unset
    [--property <key>]
--property <key>

Property to remove from object (repeat option to remove multiple properties)


Modify <object> from <container>


Object to modify