Object Storage v1

container create

Create new container

os container create
    <container-name> [<container-name> ...]

New container name(s)

container delete

Delete container

os container delete
    [-r] | [--recursive]
    <container> [<container> ...]
--recursive, -r

Recursively delete objects in container before container delete


Container(s) to delete

container list

List containers

os container list
    [--prefix <prefix>]
    [--marker <marker>]
    [--end-marker <end-marker>]
    [--limit <limit>]
--prefix <prefix>

Filter list using <prefix>

--marker <marker>

Anchor for paging

--end-marker <end-marker>

End anchor for paging

--limit <limit>

Limit the number of containers returned


List additional fields in output


List all containers (default is 10000)

container save

Save container contents locally

os container save

Container to save

container set

Set container properties

os container set
    [--property <key=value> [...] ]
--property <key=value>

Set a property on this container (repeat option to set multiple properties)


Container to modify

container show

Display container details

os container show

Container to display

container unset

Unset container properties

os container unset
    [--property <key>]
--property <key>

Property to remove from container (repeat option to remove multiple properties)


Container to modify