Block Storage v1, v2

backup create

Create new backup (Deprecated, please use volume backup create instead)

openstack backup create
    [--container <container>]
    [--name <name>]
    [--description <description>]
    [--snapshot <snapshot>]
--container <container>

Optional backup container name

--name <name>

Name of the backup

--description <description>

Description of the backup

--snapshot <snapshot>

Snapshot to backup (name or ID)

Volume version 2 only


Allow to back up an in-use volume

Volume version 2 only


Perform an incremental backup

Volume version 2 only


Volume to backup (name or ID)

backup delete

Delete backup(s) (Deprecated, please use volume backup delete instead)

openstack backup delete
    <backup> [<backup> ...]

Allow delete in state other than error or available

Volume version 2 only


Backup(s) to delete (name or ID)

backup list

List backups (Deprecated, please use volume backup list instead)

openstack backup list

List additional fields in output

backup restore

Restore backup (Deprecated, please use volume backup restore instead)

openstack backup restore

Backup to restore (name or ID)


Volume to restore to (name or ID)

backup show

Display backup details (Deprecated, please use volume backup show instead)

openstack backup show

Backup to display (name or ID)