Welcome to Ironic Inspector Client

Ironic Inspector Client


This is a client library and tool for Ironic Inspector.

Please follow usual OpenStack Gerrit Workflow to submit a patch, see Inspector contributing guide for more detail.

Refer to the HTTP API reference for information on the Ironic Inspector HTTP API.

Python API

To use Python API first create a ClientV1 object:

import ironic_inspector_client
client = ironic_inspector_client.ClientV1(session=keystone_session)

This code creates a client with API version 1.0 and a given Keystone session. The service URL is fetched from the service catalog in this case. See ironic_inspector_client.v1.ClientV1 documentation for details.

API Versioning

Starting with version 2.1.0 Ironic Inspector supports optional API versioning. Version is a tuple (X, Y), where X is always 1 for now.

The server has maximum and minimum supported versions. If no version is requested, the server assumes the maximum it’s supported.

Two constants are exposed for convenience:

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