• Switch to “topics” keyword for messaging driver
  • Add zun to devstack config
  • Python 3.4 support is removed


  • Highlight last trace for OSprofiler html output


  • Add magnum to devstack config
  • Add Jaeger to list of similar projects
  • [Fix gate]Update test requirement
  • fix an outdated link for zipkin
  • Change some bindings to one-time bindings
  • Revert “Change list_opts to dictionary style”
  • Move implemeted specs to implemented directory
  • Remove extra white spaces in json output
  • Increase angular digest iteration limit
  • devstack: make option hmac_keys configurable
  • Update reno for stable/ocata
  • Change list_opts to dictionary style
  • Fix mistake in split meta string
  • Fix enabling order specify in README.rst


  • Add py35 tox virtualenv
  • Add functional test for notifier backend
  • Upgrade libraries, add highlight for JSON data
  • Fix syntax in JS, JSON indent with 4 spaces
  • Pass oslo.messaging kwargs only for “messaging://”
  • Organize unit tests under tests/unit folder
  • Use uuidutils instead of uuid.uuid4()
  • Use oslo_utils.uuidutils.is_uuid_like
  • Error out for invalid trace ID
  • Re-format html template
  • Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
  • Show team and repo badges on README
  • Fix import order
  • Move hacking checks outside tests
  • Visualize trace output as graph
  • Remove print statement
  • Pretty print json output
  • Add exception to trace point details
  • Add a redis driver
  • Replace logging with oslo_log
  • Add Log Insight driver
  • Add reno for release notes management
  • Use method constant_time_compare from oslo.utils
  • Update documentation to the latest state
  • Update dependencies’ version from project requirements
  • Update devstack plugin readme to enable Panko
  • Enable devstack to configure OSProfiler for Senlin project
  • Add .idea folder to .gitignore
  • Heat and Cinder now use new style conf
  • Fix the issue that ChangeLog not found when building docs
  • Add AUTHORS and ChangeLog to .gitignore
  • Update the driver path in th doc
  • Use an env variable for connection string default
  • Fix a doc typo
  • Update homepage with developer documentation page
  • Trivial: Remove vim header from source files
  • [doc]Add description for multi-backend URI
  • Add Elasticsearch driver
  • Remove old notifiers


  • Add tests for mongodb driver
  • Add connection string usage to osprofiler-cli
  • Add overall profiler stats by operation
  • Fix typos on spec directory
  • Fix title of index page
  • Add MongoDB driver
  • OSprofiler initialization method
  • Add Ceilometer driver
  • Add backward compatible drivers structure
  • Expose osprofiler middleware as entrypoint
  • Remove discover from test-requirements
  • Fix typo: ‘Olso’ to ‘Oslo’
  • Don’t set html_last_updated_fmt without git
  • Add exception type to stop trace info


  • Add hepler to trace sessions
  • doc: Log warning when can’t get informaiton from git
  • Add an error tip when trace_id is not found
  • Add a similar link with reference to similar projects/libraries
  • Continue work on standardizing osprofiler docs
  • Remove dead/broken link to example
  • Updates to doc to look the same as other projects
  • Clean thread local profiler object after usage
  • Improve unit test coverage
  • Avoid tracing class and static methods
  • Avoid multiple tracing when applying meta or class decorator
  • Remove outdated version
  • Dont claim copyright for future years
  • Use pkg_resources to get version
  • Enable bandit in gate
  • Fallback if git is absent
  • It’s unnecessary set deprecate group for option ‘enabled’


  • Remove flake8 ignore list in tox.ini


  • run py34 tests before py27 to work around testr bug
  • stop making a copy of options discovered by config generator
  • Make class detection more accurate


  • Disable staticmethods tracing


  • Add fix for static and class methods in @trace_cls
  • Expose X-Trace-* constants
  • Add raw Ceilometer events support to DevStack plugin
  • Use raw data storage for events to collect more info
  • Use oslo.utils reflection and avoid refinding decorated name
  • Move osprofiler tests into osprofiler
  • Consolidate osprofiler options
  • Remove argparse from requirements
  • Add py34 to tox env list
  • Make profiler timestamp json.dumps friendly
  • Replace deprecated library function os.popen() with subprocess
  • Add DevStack plugin


  • Remove Py33 support
  • Make it possible to specify file path as a source for trace
  • Remove support for py26
  • Improve HTML reports performance
  • Fix TracedMeta class
  • Fix a couple of typos in doc strings
  • Fix Ceilometer parser to use events
  • remove python 2.6 trove classifier
  • Add TracedMeta class
  • Update requirements
  • Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed
  • Fix enable/disable compatibility
  • Add hacking rules & fix hacking issues


  • Make api-paste.ini config optional
  • Fix minor typos in the multi-backend specification
  • Spec: Integration Testing
  • Spec: Better DevStack Integration
  • Spec: Multi Backend support
  • Spec: Optional options in api-paste.ini
  • Add specs base structure
  • Update .gitreview for new namespace
  • Fix date parsing when there’s not milliseconds in the date
  • Various cleanups
  • Remove version from setup.cfg
  • Stop using intersphinx
  • Rename doc environment to docs
  • Imporve generated trace html
  • Adding a hits to notice operator when trace not found


  • Cut version 0.3.0
  • add more unit tests
  • Allow N-keys (one should apply)
  • Some minor fixes in README.rst
  • ReadMe updates with CLI commands
  • Add entry point for OSProfiler, that display traces
  • Remove dead code
  • Add OSprofiler docs
  • Fix wrong code duplication in utils.itersubclasses()
  • Use compare_digest or an equivalent when available


  • Imporve read me
  • Fix issue with trace_cls
  • Add @profiler.trace_cls decorator
  • Prevent Messaging to resend failed notifications
  • Update README.rst with some small adjustments
  • Some grammar-related imprevements


  • Add alternative way to dissable middleware
  • Improve tracing of sqlalchemy


  • Fix ceilometer parse notifications


  • Improve a bit README.rst
  • Fix & improve trace decorator
  • Fix some typos in README.rst


  • Update README.rst
  • Add @profiler.trace decorator
  • Add missing tests for messaging notifer plugin


  • Add notifier plugin based on Ceilometer
  • Add base for notifier plugins
  • Make profiler.utils private
  • Improve ceilometer notifications getter
  • Move public methods to top of sqlalchemy module
  • Refactor web.add_trace_id_header()
  • Make a cleaner API for osporfiler
  • Add “_” to names of private methods


  • Remove unused libs from requirments and fix info in setup.cfg


  • Add extra docs in sqlalchemy module
  • Make hmac required argument in profiler.Profiler.init
  • Refactor WSGI.middleware and imporve test coverage
  • Improve test coverage
  • Improve README
  • Base64 encode the ‘X-Trace-Info’ header
  • Fix text requirements
  • Edit notifier.notify()
  • Add sanity tests for profiler and hmac usage
  • Imporve ceilometer parser
  • Split code sugar and logic in Profiler class
  • Simplify notifer API
  • Add git review file
  • Add in hmac signing/verification
  • Make name also use a deque
  • Use a collections.deque which has thread safe pop/append


  • Add work around if not all messages were consumed by ceilometer
  • Remove information about service in profiler
  • Add parser of ceilometer notifications
  • Fix setup.cfg python 2.6 is supported as well
  • Add possibility to disable sqlalchemy tracing
  • Fix WSGI middleware and add unit tests
  • Remove from sqlachemy.after_execute notifcation resutls and add UTs
  • Imporove profiler and add UTs
  • Update global requirments
  • Remove unused dependency from requirments.txt
  • Fix licenses
  • Fix pep
  • Add tracer for sqlalchemy
  • Add WSGI Middleware
  • Add profiler class
  • Init Strucutre of lib
  • Initial commit