Using oslosphinx.check_blueprints with Specs Repositories

The oslosphinx.check_blueprints extension verifies that the filenames in spec repositories match a blueprint under a given launchpad project.


Add 'oslosphinx.check_blueprints' to the extensions list in the file in your Sphinx project.

Specifying the Launchpad Project

Most projects should set check_blueprints_project to the name of their launchpad project. This limits the search to the single project named.

check_blueprints_project = 'nova'

Projects with multiple launchpad projects under their own project group (such as Oslo), should instead set check_blueprints_project_group. All projects in the group will be scanned for each spec/blueprint name.

check_blueprints_project_group = 'oslo'

Checking Only the Current Release

By default, all files under specs/ are checked. For large specs repositories, this can take a long time. To limit the checks to a subdirectory for the current release, set check_blueprints_release.

For example:

check_blueprints_release = 'kilo'

will cause files under specs/kilo to be checked, and other files to be ignored.