Using the oslosphinx Theme

To use the theme, add 'oslosphinx' to the extensions list in the file in your Sphinx project.

Incubating Projects

If you are an incubating project, set:

html_theme_options = {'incubating': True}

in your as well, to enable the Incubation theme.

Linking to a Source Repository

oslosphinx defines a configuration option oslosphinx_cgit_link which should be the URL to the git repository browser for the project being documented. The default is a guess, and will be right for a lot of projects, but to ensure that it is correct in all situations it is best to set the value in

oslosphinx_cgit_link = ''

Showing Older Versions of Documentation

oslosphinx can automatically add links for previous versions of your project’s documentation to the sidebar. If this feature is enabled links will be generated for each git tag. To enable this behavior, set:

html_theme_options = {'show_other_versions': True}

in your