exception oslo_config.cfg.Error(msg=None)

Base class for cfg exceptions.

exception oslo_config.cfg.NotInitializedError(msg=None)

Raised if parser is not initialized yet.

exception oslo_config.cfg.ArgsAlreadyParsedError(msg=None)

Raised if a CLI opt is registered after parsing.

exception oslo_config.cfg.NoSuchOptError(opt_name, group=None)

Raised if an opt which doesn’t exist is referenced.

exception oslo_config.cfg.NoSuchGroupError(group_name)

Raised if a group which doesn’t exist is referenced.

exception oslo_config.cfg.DuplicateOptError(opt_name)

Raised if multiple opts with the same name are registered.

exception oslo_config.cfg.RequiredOptError(opt_name, group=None)

Raised if an option is required but no value is supplied by the user.

exception oslo_config.cfg.TemplateSubstitutionError(msg=None)

Raised if an error occurs substituting a variable in an opt value.

exception oslo_config.cfg.ConfigFilesNotFoundError(config_files)

Raised if one or more config files are not found.

exception oslo_config.cfg.ConfigFilesPermissionDeniedError(config_files)

Raised if one or more config files are not readable.

exception oslo_config.cfg.ConfigDirNotFoundError(config_dir)

Raised if the requested config-dir is not found.

exception oslo_config.cfg.ConfigFileParseError(config_file, msg)

Raised if there is an error parsing a config file.

exception oslo_config.cfg.ConfigFileValueError(msg=None)

Raised if a config file value does not match its opt type.

exception oslo_config.cfg.DefaultValueError(msg=None)

Raised if a default config type does not fit the opt type.

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