Sphinx Integration

The oslo_config.sphinxext module defines a custom domain for documenting configuration options. The domain includes a directive and two roles.

.. show-options::

Given a list of namespaces, show all of the options exported from them.

.. show-options::


To show each namespace separately, add the split-namespaces flag.

.. show-options::


To use an existing configuration file for the sample configuration generator, use the config-file option instead of specifying the namespaces inline.

.. show-options::
   :config-file: etc/oslo-config-generator/glance-api.conf

Link to an option.

#. :oslo.config:option:`config_file`
#. :oslo.config:option:`DEFAULT.config_file`
  1. config_file
  2. DEFAULT.config_file

Link to an option group.



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