osc_lib package


osc_lib.clientmanager module

Manage access to the clients, including authenticating when needed.

class osc_lib.clientmanager.ClientCache(factory)

Bases: object

Descriptor class for caching created client handles.

class osc_lib.clientmanager.ClientManager(cli_options=None, api_version=None, pw_func=None, app_name=None, app_version=None)

Bases: object

Manages access to API clients, including authentication.

property auth_ref

Dereference will trigger an auth if it hasn’t already

get_endpoint_for_service_type(service_type, region_name=None, interface='public')

Return the endpoint URL for the service type.


Check if a service type is in the current Service Catalog


Set up authentication

This is deferred until authentication is actually attempted because it gets in the way of things that do not require auth.


osc_lib.exceptions module

Exception definitions.

exception osc_lib.exceptions.AuthorizationFailure

Bases: Exception

exception osc_lib.exceptions.BadRequest(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 400 - Bad request: you sent some malformed data.

http_status = 400
message = 'Bad request'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: Exception

The base exception class for all exceptions this library raises.

exception osc_lib.exceptions.CommandError

Bases: Exception

exception osc_lib.exceptions.Conflict(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 409 - Conflict

http_status = 409
message = 'Conflict'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.EndpointNotFound

Bases: Exception

Could not find Service or Region in Service Catalog.

exception osc_lib.exceptions.Forbidden(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 403 - Forbidden: not authorized to access to this resource.

http_status = 403
message = 'Forbidden'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.HTTPNotImplemented(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 501 - Not Implemented: server does not support this operation.

http_status = 501
message = 'Not Implemented'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.InvalidValue

Bases: Exception

An argument value is not valid: wrong type, out of range, etc

message = 'Supplied value is not valid'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.NoTokenLookupException

Bases: Exception

This does not support looking up endpoints from an existing token.

exception osc_lib.exceptions.NotFound(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 404 - Not found

http_status = 404
message = 'Not found'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.OverLimit(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 413 - Over limit: reached the API limits for this time period.

http_status = 413
message = 'Over limit'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.PluginAttributeError

Bases: Exception

A plugin threw an AttributeError while being lazily loaded.

exception osc_lib.exceptions.Unauthorized(code, message=None, details=None)

Bases: osc_lib.exceptions.ClientException

HTTP 401 - Unauthorized: bad credentials.

http_status = 401
message = 'Unauthorized'
exception osc_lib.exceptions.UnsupportedVersion

Bases: Exception

The user is trying to use an unsupported version of the API

osc_lib.i18n module

osc_lib.logs module

Application logging

class osc_lib.logs.LogConfigurator(options)

Bases: object


osc_lib.shell module

Command-line interface to the OpenStack APIs

class osc_lib.shell.OpenStackShell(description=None, version=None, command_manager=None, stdin=None, stdout=None, stderr=None, interactive_app_factory=None, deferred_help=False)

Bases: cliff.app.App

CONSOLE_MESSAGE_FORMAT = '%(levelname)s: %(name)s %(message)s'
build_option_parser(description, version)

Return an argparse option parser for this application.

Subclasses may override this method to extend the parser with more global options.

  • description (str) – full description of the application

  • version (str) – version number for the application

  • argparse_kwargs – extra keyword argument passed to the ArgumentParser constructor

clean_up(cmd, result, err)

Hook run after a command is done to shutdown the app.

  • cmd (cliff.command.Command) – command processor being invoked

  • result (int) – return value of cmd

  • err (Exception) – exception or None


Configure logging for the app.


Global app init bits:

  • set up API versions

  • validate authentication info

  • authenticate against Identity if requested

log = <Logger osc_lib.shell (WARNING)>

Set up auth and API versions


Equivalent to the main program for the application.


argv (list of str) – input arguments and options

timing_data = []

Prompt user for a password

Prompt for a password if stdin is a tty.

osc_lib.version module

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