The osc_lib.clientmanager Module

The osc_lib.clientmanager Module

Manage access to the clients, including authenticating when needed.

class osc_lib.clientmanager.ClientCache(factory)

Bases: object

Descriptor class for caching created client handles.

class osc_lib.clientmanager.ClientManager(cli_options=None, api_version=None, pw_func=None, app_name=None, app_version=None)

Bases: object

Manages access to API clients, including authentication.


Dereference will trigger an auth if it hasn’t already

get_endpoint_for_service_type(service_type, region_name=None, interface='public')

Return the endpoint URL for the service type.


Check if a service type is in the current Service Catalog


Set up authentication

This is deferred until authentication is actually attempted because it gets in the way of things that do not require auth.

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